General Chair

Rajesh Gupta, UC San Diego

Program Chairs

James Hoe, CMU
Jens Palsberg, UCLA

Program Committee

Arvind, MIT, USA  
Lennart Augustsson, Chalmers, Sweden
Twan Basten, Eindhoven, Netherlands
Gerard Berry, Esterel Tech, France
Forrest Brewer, UC Santa Barbara, USA
James Browne, Texas, USA
Manfred Broy, TU Munich, Germany
Tevfik Bultan, UC Santa Barbara, USA
Rance Cleaveland, Maryland, USA
Robert De Simone, INRIA, France
Stephen Edwards, Columbia, USA
Harry Foster, Jasper Design, USA
Masahiro Fujita, Tokyo, Japan
Franco Fummi, Verona, Italy              
Ganesh Gopalakrishnan, Utah, USA
Rajesh Gupta, UC San Diego, USA
Nicolas Halbwachs, Verimag, France
Connie Heitmeyer, NRL, USA
Ranjit Jhala, UC San Diego, USA
Daniel Kroening, ETH Zurich, CH
Shuvendu Lahiri, Microsoft, USA
Elizabeth Leonard, NRL, USA
Pete Manolios, Georgia Tech, USA
Anmol Mathur, Calypto Design, USA
John O'Leary, Intel, USA                       
Zebo Peng, Linköping, Sweden          
Carl Pixley, Synopsys, USA                  
Klaus Schneider, Kaiserslautern, DE
Sandeep Shukla, Virginia Tech, USA  
R. K. Shyamasundar, TIFR, India
Jean-Pierre Talpin, INRIA, France
P. S. Thiagarajan, Singapore

Previous editions

MEMOCODE'03 Mont Saint-Michel
MEMOCODE'04 San Diego
MEMOCODE'05 Verona

Fourth ACM-IEEE International Conference on Formal Methods and Models for Codesign (MEMOCODE'06)
July 27-29, 2006 -- Napa Valley, California


The goal of MEMOCODE'2006, the fourth in a series of international conferences, is to gather together software and hardware researchers and practitioners to explore ways in which software and hardware design can exploit research results in formal methods. Papers, panel proposals, and tutorial proposals are invited on topics relevant to the application of formal methods to hardware and software design. These topics include formal specification languages and their use in modeling hardware and software systems, formal methods for performance/power analysis and optimization, design verification approaches using model checking and theorem proving, specification-based testing, design methodologies based on formal methods, and rigorous approaches (e.g., refinement) to transforming a hardware or software specification into a reliable, efficient implementation.

Submissions of research and experience papers will be accepted only at the MEMOCODE'2006 submission server. Papers must not exceed 10 pages in length and be prepared using the IEEE Computer Society publication format. Submissions must not be under review, accepted, or published by another publication. Panel proposals should be submitted to the panel chair; tutorial proposals to the tutorial chair. The Program Chairs may be contacted for all questions on the MEMOCODE'2006 technical program. Conference proceedings will be published with OmniPress and copyrighted by the IEEE Computer Society.  Best papers of MEMOCODE'2003 and MEMOCODE'2004 have been published in special issues of international journals (ACM TECS and Springer FMSD).

Extended deadlines and important dates

Abstract submission                 March 26, 2006  (extended)
Paper submission                     March 26, 2006  (extended)
Panels and Tutorials proposal    March 24, 2006
Notification of acceptance            May 19, 2006
CRC due                                      June 9, 2006