The official page limit for regular papers is 10 pages. Please do not number your pages.

All files must be prepared using the IEEE CS conference proceedings format (PDF, DOC, HTML, LaTeX, PS) and meet the IEEE Xplore requirements (see below).

The submission deadline for Camera-Ready Copies of regular papers has been extended to April 18, 2008.

Authors should complete the following 3 steps:

(1) Prepare your manuscript using the IEEE CS conference proceedings format. Check that your manuscript meets the IEEE Xplore requirements using IEEE PDF eXpress. PDF eXpress is a tool that can check a paper for compliance with the Xplore requirements and can convert source  files into compliant PDF. Instructions for using PDF eXpress will be sent to you in a separate email.

(2) Submit your compliant manuscript through Easychair using the same account and password that you used to submit your preliminary version. 

(3) Complete the IEEE Copyright form. Please be sure to sign the form on  either line 1, line 2, or line 3, whichever is appropriate to your  employment situation. You may return the completed form to Prof. Fei Xie either electronically at or via fax at 1-503-725-3211. If you fax it, please address your cover page to Prof. Fei Xie's attention. He shares a fax machine with 60 other people, so an unaddressed fax could easily get misdirected.