The 15th ACM-IEEE International Conference on Formal Methods and Models for System Design will be held at TU Wien, Vienna, Austria, from September 29 to October 2, 2017. MEMOCODE'17 will be collocated with FMCAD'17, the 17th conference on Formal Methods in Computer-Aided Design, October 2-6, 2017. MEMOCODE'17 and FMCAD'17 will have joint tutorials on October 2.

Over the last decade, the boundaries between computer system components, such as hardware, software, firmware, middleware, and applications, have blurred. This evolution in system design and development practices led in 2014 to a change in the title and scope of the MEMOCODE conference from its original focus on hardware/software co-design to its new focus on formal methods and models for developing computer systems and their components. MEMOCODE's objective is to emphasize the importance of models and methodologies in correct system design and development, and to bring together researchers and industry practitioners interested in all aspects of computer system development, to exchange ideas, research results and lessons learned.

The Organizing Committee of MEMOCODE'17 is composed of

  • Jean-Pierre Talpin, INRIA, General and Finance Chair
  • Patricia Derler, National Instruments, Program co-Chair
  • Klaus Schneider, TU Kaiserslautern, Program co-Chair
  • Yi Deng, EagleForce Associates, Inc., Publication Chair
  • Georg Weissenbacher, TU Wien, FMCAD Liaison and Local Arrangements

Information on fourteen previous editions of MEMOCODE is located here