All financial transactions of MEMOCODE'17 are directly handled by the ACM. All registrations will exclusively be processed through the ACM's account with Regonline. All participation fees listed below include value-added tax, service and processing fees.

  • ACM or IEEE Members, professional: $450
  • ACM or IEEE Members, student: $300
  • Non-Member, professional: $500
  • Non-Member, student: $350

Participation to the joint FMCAD-MEMOCODE tutorial day and reception ($60 and $40) on October 2, 2017, will be proposed as an option during registration. Registrants to these events should only register once (either with MEMOCODE or FMCAD).
An additional handling fee of $50 will be added for registrations after September 1st., 2017. An active ACM or IEEE membership number will be requested upon registration as member. A proof of studentship (copy of student id) may be requested after registration as student.
ACM is able to provide a support letter for authors of accepted papers and program committee members who require a visa to Austria. Please address all requests to and refer to this website for additional information.